Courses in Post COVID-19

Courses in Post COVID-19

As we return to training it is important that we understand the new approach to how qualifications will be delivered in the post COVID-19 outbreak situation.  This article, outlines how P & P Associates will deliver training in the foreseeable time period, whilst there is a judged an increase chance of spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Where practical, courses will be moved to have some element of online delivery.  This will be on the ratio of 1/3 online and 2/3 contact delivery.  The online element will need to be completed prior to the contact delivery.  The online training will be made up of video's or slides.  Knowledge will be tested by Multi choice or multi answer questions.

All demonstrations which would previously have been delivered by the tutor will now be delivered through this online modules.

When it actually comes to the course, all the skills will be carried out as previously, but with differences.  When it comes to Basic Life Support, all learners will be encouraged to wear gloves and wear face masks when completing primary and secondary surveys.  When completing CPR skills, each learner will be allocated their own manikins and rescue masks for the duration of the course.  When completing water rescues (if within qualification) the management of an unconscious casualty or management of a casualty with a spinal cord injury, will be done on a full size manikin.  In addition First Aid management will be amended including the management of bleeding being on manikins arms.

From time to time we may introduce additional adaptions.

Due to the development of the online portal, we have been able to introduce a number of additional services.  

All learners can set up portals and upload certificates, irrespective of whether they have been done with P & P Associates or not.  This will allow the download of certificates by an agent (managers account) for each work location.  Once Pool Emergency Responder Certificates have been uploaded, if they completed their course with P & P Associates this will enable them to complete the monthly online training.  Again from the agent account you can download who has completed the monthly training and when.


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